Jae and Reena were looking forward to their new kitchen which was going to be fitted on Friday, just in time for Valentine’s weekend. After a whole days work during which the new units were fitted, the last remaining job was to connect the new sink to the existing plumbing.  However, the fitters they had used just couldn’t figure out the connection and after a few unsuccessful tries they just gave up, leaving a distraught Jae & Reena to sort it out themselves.

Jae called us on Friday at 4.50pm out of near desperation, needing a plumber to fix the problem as they have a young child so needed to have a working kitchen. Despite it being the most romantic day of the year we managed to get them one of our most dedicated plumbers, Vas.

Vas got to their house promptly at 11am on Saturday 14th morning and within 2 hours managed to reconnect their new sink to the plumbing.  There was a small but critical modification required which ensured that the sink would be connected securely.  Their new kitchen was complete, with a working sink and taps!!!

Reena called to thank us, saying that this was the best Valentine’s present that she could have had this year, and that Vas was her hero!!