Outdated controls are costing you money – Get smart and save

Unless you’ve upgraded your heating system in the last few years then it’s highly likely that you are still relying on out of date heating controls to run your heating and hot water system, and this will most certainly be costing you money.  With energy costs at an all-time high, clever devices will help you save money with little disruption and cost to your current heating system.  There are a number of manufacturers with various offerings so here are a few tips we believe will provide you with something to consider when it comes to controlling the costs.

Timing is everything

The key to driving down the cost of heating your home and reducing energy costs is to ensure that the heating comes on at precisely the time you need it and heats each room to the room to the correct temperature.  In addition to this if your hot water is heated by a cylinder then you should also be controlling the time and temperature of the hot water cylinder to best match your requirement.

Controlling the boiler

Depending on the age of the boiler there are a number of useful ways to control its times.

  • The first is simply by using the on/off switch. This puts the boiler in standby mode and will only come on when you specifically require it to do so.
  • Some boilers have an option to install a built in timer. This is a very straightforward option as the timer simply slots into the control panel and by setting the programme it will ensure that it comes on and off when you need it to. There are generally two options with the built in timers, mechanical or digital. Mechanical timers are great if you have a set routine for each day of the week. The timer will control the boiler to come on and off at pre-determined times of the day and are very easy to set as most of them have a 24hr dial to set the on/off time.




  • However if you’re busy juggling late work hours or have a gym class on a particular evening then you would certainly benefit from a digital heating control unit. The 7 day digital plug in timer allows greater flexibility and effortlessly allows the user to set specific on/off times for each day of the week and therefore ensures that you’re only heating the house when you really need to.

Get with the programmer

Control the boiler

  • If the boiler doesn’t have the option to install a ‘plug in’ timer then you can consider a separate timer, something like a Honeywell ST9400C Programmer. A device like this will connect to a gravity fed or fully pumped system and will often have an override facility, holiday mode, & boost functions.


Control the Hot Water

  • If you have a heating only boiler the hot water will be heated in a cylinder. It’s vital that alongside the programmer you have a cylinder stat that’s working properly and set to the correct temperature, if it’s set too high you’re simply wasting money on gas and electricity.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s)

  • TRV’s are a great way of reducing your heating costs by adjusting the temperature on a room by room basis. They can easily be turned up if you feel that the room has a slight chill or completely turn them off if it’s a particularly warm day.


Room Stats

  • A room stat will measure how warm a room is and control the boiler accordingly. The key to efficiently setting a room stat is to ensure that it’s placed in the ‘main’ heating zone of the property. If you require less heat in other areas then you use the TRV’s to turn down the temperature.
  • The latest room stats have advanced features like
    • Digital timer displays
    • Programmable features for systems without a dedicated programmer
    • Setback
    • Wireless connections for ease and speed of installation
    • Salus iT500 Internet Thermostat is amongst the smartest way to control your heating. Its wireless capability means you can set the heating and hot water from your PC or Smart phone making this an ultra-efficient addition to your system


Need it installed?

If you need a heating engineer to install new TRV’s or a wireless room stat please get in touch so that we can help you find the best solution. Call on 020 8556 5254