Sash windows date back to the 1600’s and London has its fair share of these ingenious windows.  The design of the window encourages the circular flow air into and out of a room.  By opening the top section of the window a few inches and raising the bottom half by the same amount you allow the hot air to escape from the top and the cool fresh air to enter from the bottom.  The laws of physics in this design are what help to keep the room cool and well ventilated.

sealasash open window

This is a project we have just completed.  The existing sash windows have only been installed for 15 years but unfortunately they had not received any maintenance, the paint had completely flaked off and the timber was now exposed to the elements.  Rather than endure another battering from the looming winter was called in to renovate and decorate 12 sash windows.
The first task was to carefully remove each of the double glazed sash window from the box and sand it back to the bare wood.  Following this we repaired the cracks in the timber and treated the wood using Dulux Weathershield Preservative Primer+ (BP). This product is designed to penetrate into wood and seal and preserve against water damage, decay and blue stain fungi. The tin says “Provides 8 year weathering durability, when used as part of the full Weathershield exterior paint system.”


Sanded and primed we installed a draft proofing system sourced from  The parting beads and staff beads were all replaced and pile carriers were rebated into the windows to carry the weather pile.  This delivers the necessary protection against the wind and rain as well as improving the sliding action and reducing the rattle of the sash windows, perfectly balanced and ready to be decorated.


The sash windows, box, and beads are all undercoated and painted on the outside using the tough durable Dulux Weathershield paint giving them a 6 year all weather protection.  The inside received a much more delicate touch with Farrow & Ball colours.  Skimming Stone 241 was painted on the Frames and Windows to complement Cornforth White 228 on the walls.  They were finally dressed with new security sash locks and polished chrome plated lifters to give them the finishing touch.

Painted in Farrow & Ball Skimming Stone


Painted in Farrow & Ball Cornforth White